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Mrs. Nicole Lee

Vice-Principal and 7th Grade Teacher
Has been teaching at Resurrection since: 2002
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies (minor in English), California Teaching Credential, Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministries with an emphasis in Catechetics and Pastoral Liturgy.



Mrs. Lee began teaching at Resurrection School in 2002 as the second grade teacher. In 2007, she moved to third grade. Then, in 2009, Mrs. Lee jumped to the Junior High, teaching 6th grade Religion and Language Arts and 7th grade Pre-Algebra and Social Studies. In 2022-23, she became the 7th Grade homeroom teacher and the religion teacher for 7th and 8th Grade.

Mrs. Lee was born and raised in Sunnyvale. She attended De Anza College and later transferred to Santa Clara University, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, along with a minor in English. She completed the teaching credential program through Santa Clara, and in 2007, also earned her Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministries with an emphasis in Catechetics and Pastoral Liturgy.

Come into Mrs. Lee’s classroom anytime and you’ll likely hear a Rebecca or Sophia story. Who are Rebecca and Sophia? They are Mrs. Lee’s two little girls. While several stories are meant as breaks to the daily routine, there are quite a few that are used to help the students see themselves as role models and advocates for their own educational experience. Something that is extremely important to Mrs. Lee is that each student takes charge of his/her own learning both academically and personally. Two things you’ll hear quite often in Mrs. Lee’s classroom are, “Dig deeper!” and “Academics will always come. What I want is for you to walk out of my classroom as good people.” It is from these that Mrs. Lee strives to foster independence and the intrinsic desire to always do ones best.

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