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Parent-Teacher Group

The primary responsibility for Resurrection School's Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is to foster the relationship between home and school so that parents and teachers may cooperate in the development of the whole child. The PTG hosts several social events a year and 4 major fundraisers, all designed to bring families together to build community and to support the school.

Why Do We Fundraise?

The true cost to educate a child at most schools exceeds the tuition rate in private schools or what the state provides on a per student basis in the public schools. As a result, parents are stepping in to fill the void in an effort to keep tuition rates affordable for all families of our community. Every family is asked to fundraise $600 through our fundraising programs.

Major 4 Fundraisers

More than 75% of PTG fundraising proceeds go directly to the school to help offset operating expenses and minimize tuition increases. The remaining funds are used for facility improvements, enrichment programs and classroom activities.

Our four major fundraisers account for approximately 90% of our PTG budget. Resurrection School families have several fundraisers they may choose to participate in to meet their $600 family fundraising requirement.

Holiday Sale 50% of the profit is applied towards your family fundraising requirement

Walk-A-Fun 100% of all profit is applied towards your family fundraising requirement

Scrip 4% of paper scrip, and 1.5-25% of electronic scrip based upon the merchant is applied towards your family fundraising requirement

Auction 75% of the purchase price of the item donated, 
75% of all purchases, and 
100% of sponsorships are applied towards your family fundraising requirement

The 2019 Starry Knights Auction will be held on Saturday, April 6.


Miscellaneous Fundraisers

Miscellaneous fundraisers such as Box Top label collection and the uniform exchange supplement the PTG budget. Participation in miscellaneous fundraisers is optional.

Social Events

Our social events are meant to foster a sense of community and fun for Resurrection School and parish. Family participation in the social events is optional. The social events usually contribute a small amount to the overall PTG budget.

PTG Events for 2018/19
Ice Cream Social for New Students August 12 (Social Event)
First Day of School Coffee and Donut Welcome for Parents August 16 (Social Event)
Back to School BBQ September 8 (Social Event)
Holiday Sale Fundraiser September - October (MAJOR 4 Fundraiser)
Walk-a-Fun October 5 (MAJOR 4 Fundraiser)
Knightly Dads Halloween Party October 27 (Social Event)
Crab FeedJanuary 25 (Social Event)
Starry Knights Auction April 6 (MAJOR 4 Fundraiser)
Teacher Appreciation WeekMay
Scrip Program Year Round (MAJOR 4 Fundraiser)


Community is one of Resurrection School's biggest strengths. Whether it's helping with a social event, chairing a fundraiser, serving hot lunch, helping out those in need, shelving books in the library, or driving on a field trip - it all adds up to being part of our community.

Families are asked to volunteer thirty (30) hours a year to support the school. All new families receive a 5 hour credit their first year at Resurrection School, and single parent families (where only one parent is responsible for tuition) also receive a 5 hour credit towards their volunteer hours every year.

There are so many different ways one can help! Contact a PTG Board Member or the school office if you are interested in volunteering your time.