We moved our children to Resurrection 3 years ago and could not be more happy with our choice. We were looking for a school that not only provided a well-rounded education, but also one that encouraged our daughters to look beyond themselves and into the community. If you are looking for a school with solid academics, inclusive sports, faith-based values and a place that feels like family, Resurrection is the place for you.

The Valia Family

We have our children at Resurrection because we feel that religion is the basis of a well-educated and well-rounded individual.  We like the uniform/dress code and enjoy the feeling of a small community/village raising our children with us!  What we like best about Resurrection is the well-rounded experience our children receive – religion/morals, volunteerism, music, computers and P.E. are priorities.  Our children are valued as valuable and unique people!

The Anderson Family

Dear Mrs. Wright,

I believe you are aware that Gabriella was accepted into Mitty and Notre Dame but I am not sure if you know of the accolades she received from both schools.  I wanted to share them with you because I think they are a reflection of Resurrection just as much as they are of Gabby.

Mitty accepted her with ‘academic distinction’ in both language arts and math and placed her in accelerated English and advanced math. Notre Dame recognized Gabby as a Julie Billiart Scholar and a Francoise Leader for her academic achievements. They also placed her on their “Accelerated Pathway” program and into Global Studies Honors, English Honors and Biology Honors.

Gabby’s composite score on the HSPT was 99! Her grade equivalent for reading is 11.5, math 11.5 and language 11.2! If you see the breakdown of her HSPT scores you will be amazed…it’s indicative of the teachers at Res, you included as you laid the foundation back in 4th grade!

To say Gabby is excited and proud is an understatement!  I think she is finally able to absorb the recognition for her achievements and contemplate her choice for high school.  As Gabriella decides where to attend next year, I am reminded of the feeling I had when I first toured Res and wish that I could give that feeling/knowledge to Gabby as she weighs her options. I toured many Catholic schools and didn’t find that perfect fit until I met with Mrs. Crowley for a tour.  Minutes into the tour/discussion with her I knew Res was the place for Gabby.  I have never regretted my decision.  When Gabby was younger she was very shy and I think most schools would have just dismissed her but every teacher that Gabby has had at Res has given her the time to come into her own and encouraged her.  I thank you and the Res community for nurturing and preparing her all these years!  Gabriella is in your care 7 hours a day and during that time you have given her the tools to be successful morally and academically and that is all I could ever have hoped for 10 years ago…yet back on that tour I had an inkling that this school would prepare Gabby for this moment…the moment of having great opportunities for high school delivered to her in her mailbox.

Thank you!

Michele - June 2014

We have our children at Resurrection because we value the great Catholic education that Resurrection offers.  We also feel that Resurrection has a very solid and strong sense of community.  In addition we like the fact that our children attend Mass weekly.

The Mangan Family

We have our children at Resurrection because we value a well-rounded approach to education.   Resurrection provides a nurturing, caring environment for our children to achieve academic success while reinforcing the Catholic-Christian values we emphasize at home.  What we like best is the great community that we have become a part of.

The Lugos Family

We have our children at Resurrection because we want them to learn and grow (both spiritually and academically) in a Christian environment, one that they feel safe in and part of a caring community.  What we like best about Resurrection is its community.  Also its dedication in educating each child and fostering the development of both the child’s heart and mind.

The Wahl Family