Catholic School - Resurrection School - Sunnyvale


Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)


The P.E.A.C.E. Schoolwide Learning Expectations at Resurrection are a framework for our students so they are aware of what is expected of them on the road to graduation. The teachers follow these guidelines from junior kindergarten through eighth grade to ensure that each graduating student will meet these goals.

Our P.E.A.C.E. Schoolwide Learning Expectations are derived from the belief that our students should be aware of themselves, and as individuals within a caring community. Resurrection School students are taught to be members of many groups. This includes their own family, Resurrection School and parish, local, national and the global communities. In order to be an effective member of each community, it is important that each student be faith-filled, a lifelong learner, a well-rounded individual and a responsible citizen.

A Resurrection School Student is a:

Peaceful, Faith-filled Student who...

  • Practices the teachings of social justice through the service of others
  • Is guided by the gospel value of peace in determining his/her own life choices
  • Promotes a lifestyle that treats all others with dignity and respect accepting religious, social and ethnic differences
  • Develops a relationship with God through prayer, Scripture, worship and the sacraments

Educationally-prepared, Lifelong Learner who...

  • Possesses solid academic foundations while maintaining intellectual curiosity
  • Thinks critically and creatively stemming from a passion for learning
  • Communicates effectively
  • Enhances his/her intellectual abilities through competent and effective use of technology

Adventurer for life who...

  • Possesses life skills of honesty, compassion, loyalty and courage
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her own actions
  • Is self-assured and confident of his/her own abilities, talents and gifts
  • Respects his/her own body and recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle

Community-minded, Responsible Citizen who...

  • Practices actions that lead to a peaceful society
  • Acknowledges and accepts responsibilities toward the community
  • Understands the history and function of the local, state and national governments

Earth Protector who...

  • Recognizes and cares for all things of the earth
  • Celebrates what is right with the world
  • Honors and protects the rights of others
  • Participates in the care of the environment


Pledge of Peace

As a legacy and gift to the children
who will be born and live on this planet Earth,
I hereby commit myself to fostering peace.

I promise to do everything
I can to help create a common future
of peace for all human beings.