Student in classroom - Resurrection School - Sunnyvale

Ms. Janice Taylor

P.E. Teacher for TK-5th Grade

My name is Ms. Janice Taylor . I am from Canada and grew up and raised my family in Alberta before coming here in 2018. There are so many things to love about California but my favorite is being outside every day, and if I could be at the ocean that would be perfect.

Raising my kids and helping foster kids was a big part of my life. I worked as an EA (Educational Assistant) for 5 years in the public school system in Canada, mostly one on one with severe behavior kids. Because of these experiences I have been blessed with the ability to come every day with an honest fresh start with students.

I love basketball and coached for over 20 years. I am NASM certified as a personal trainer and as a nutritional coach. I am a yoga teacher and until my recent knee surgery a runner of 25 years.

I have a miniature schnauzer named Peaches, I sew and knit. I watch and attend baseball and basketball games. I exercise almost every day, but my heart holds the most space for my 6 kids and 4 in-laws/kids’ partners and 7 grandkids!

I love my job and the school and the all the people here. I have an immense gratitude for where I am and what I do every day.

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