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Mr. Geoffrey Ward

4th Grade Teacher

Geoffrey Ward has always been known as an educator, communicator, facilitator, innovator, and a team player. He has always looked outside the ‘box’ to see what possibilities lay beyond the status quo and to explore them. He has never been one to settle, kick back, and cruise on his or others laurels. With that in mind, his priorities at Resurrection School are education and individual nurturing of each student, combined with team management.

Geoffrey feels that life is indeed an adventure. As a professional educator and entertainer, he’s merged his life experiences and talents into whatever project he’s assigned. In order to bring the subject matter to life and to make it palatable, exciting and desirable to his target audience, he makes a point of letting the creative juices flow from the onset and encourages others in doing likewise.

In creating projects, he instills an excitement within the process to attain the targeted goal. He loves technology, research, brainstorming, facilitating ideas with his team, and helping to mold those ideas into a new, vivacious and entertaining final curricular result. He moves quickly. Yet if time is needed to grow and evolve a project, then Geoffrey guarantees his time and attention for the duration. These characteristics will indeed be an integral in his teaching at Resurrection Catholic School.

With a B.A. in Tele-Communications, and a Masters in Education Curriculum Design and Instruction, combined with over a decade plus as an educator and twenty plus years in the performing arts, Geoffrey is excited and thrilled to be joining the wonderful staff and families of Resurrection Catholic School.

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