Student in classroom - Resurrection School - Sunnyvale


Mrs. Lorraine Spalasso

Instructional Aide - First Grade

My love for Resurrection School started in 2007 when my oldest child started here in the Junior Kindergarten (now Transitional Kindergarten) program.  I signed up as room parent and also volunteered to create the class art project for the school auction that year.  Since then, I have been a room parent multiple times, created many art projects for the school auction, been part of the Auction Decoration committee for 9 years, worked with the school's Scrip Fundraising Program for 8 years. My younger child also started her Resurrection education in the Junior Kindergarten program and is now a 6th grader.

Resurrection is like a second home to my family. I have enjoyed all the time, at least one to two days a week for many years, spent on the school campus. Volunteering and attending the school events allowed me the chance to get to meet so many wonderful families from our school community. It helped me to get to know the staff better and also allowed me to interact with all the children on campus and it has been fun to watch them grow.  I am grateful to say I am now a part of the staff, as an Instructional Aide,  and get to be at the place I love on a daily basis.

I was born and raised in San Jose, California, living there for 28 years and have moved up and down the Peninsula, settling in Sunnyvale for the past 13 years. I love visiting Disneyland and vacationing with my kids. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and enjoying binge watching shows on Netflix with a good latte from Starbucks!

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