Student in classroom - Resurrection School - Sunnyvale

Sr. Fidelma Heeran

Music Teacher
Has been teaching at Resurrection since: 2005
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music, Master of Music in Music Education, Master's degree in Religious Education and certificate in "Focus on Leadership"

Why did you choose to teach at Resurrection?

I received a request from the Principal asking me to teach music at Resurrection.  At that time I was in the process of being trained to teach English to adults.  I went for an interview, liked what I observed and signed on to be the music teacher.

How do you inspire students to enjoy music?

I feel the children somehow sense my own love of music.  I offer a lot of variety and I encourage the students to sing together as a group.  They are pleased when they hear themselves singing.  The class time goes by very quickly.

What are some of your interests/hobbies?

I love hiking, going to the symphony, reading and playing the harp.

What are your favorite moments with a student?

When a student says to me, "Sister, I love music!"  That happens quite frequently.

What motivated you to become a teacher?

I always wanted to be a teacher.  One of my high school teachers heard me helping another student.  Her comment to me was, "I hope you become a teacher.'  Teaching is in my DNA.  Both of my parents and my grandparents were teachers.  I also find students to be lively and energetic.

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