Drexel Initiative - Resurrection School - Sunnyvale


Drexel Initiative

Resurrection is one of 9 Drexel Schools in the Diocese of San Jose.  The Drexel School System is a network of Catholic Elementary Schools of the Diocese of San Jose that is a superior competitive education system recognized for its:
Resurrection School is a Drexel School

  • Principal Education and Organization Leadership
  • Teacher Mastery
  • Structured Study Skills
  • High Academic Achievement
  • Acquired Competitive Global Skills
  • School Financial Sustainability

Blended Learning

Our teachers have achieved Graduate level certification through the Academy of Blended Learning at Santa Clara University. Blended learning uses tools and practices to maximize the use of technology and advanced content to make the students’ learning experience more flexible, personalized, and lasting. Drexel Schools use the station rotation model of blended learning, a combination of teacher-led and individualized instruction using digital content on the iPad. In this model, students receive instruction targeted to their needs from data provided to teachers daily. The advantage of this model of instruction is that it maintains the traditional classroom structure while allowing more opportunity for the teacher to offer individualized instruction. Each student receives individualized, online content instruction; traditional teacher-led group instruction; and small group project-based, hands-on learning experiences every day.

Data Driven Assessment

Schools in the Drexel System use the STAR Assessment which allows for teachers to analyze student performance in each of the domains of Reading and Math, deepening student-specific emphasis on the unique skills and sub-skills of each domain. It also allows for each school to set a benchmark for student performance that reflects the specific site population of each unique school, allowing for teachers to analyze student performance against both the national norm and the local, site expectations. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the STAR Assessment can be re-administered as often as necessary to measure student growth, analyze the effectiveness of instructional interventions and provide parents with up-to-date data about how each student is performing and growing in the curriculum. By adopting the STAR Assessment, teachers can now engage with student data in a responsive and ongoing manner, improving instruction and allowing for parents to have more accurate, "real time" feedback about how their child/children are progressing across the curriculum. The Drexel School System's use of data-driven instruction with the addition of the STAR Assessment will truly be a model of best practice educational use of responsive performance data.

iPads in the Classroom

There is a 2:1 ratio of students to iPads in Kindergarten and a 1:1 ratio in 1st-8th Grade. While students in Kindergarten – 6th grade keep their devices at school, students in 7th & 8th grade are able to take home their assigned devices. The adaptive software will provide students with individualized learning pathways in Language Arts and Mathematics and teachers with the real-time data needed to plan impactful instruction.

More information about Drexel Schools can be found on the Drexel Schools website.