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Fr. Bob Leger Pastor
Mrs. Jacque Wright Principal
Mrs. Olivia Sandoval School Secretary
Mrs. Anne Crowley School Support
Ms. Catherine Hicks Junior Kindergarten Pre-School Director
Mrs. Maureen Kane Extended Care Director

School Administration at a glance
Can Mrs. Wright do it all alone? She tries, but to keep her sane, several staff members and parents are on committees to help administer the school. What are these committees, and what are their roles?

Administration Team
The admin team meets weekly and was created to help administer curriculum and day-to-day school administration issues. Items such as Student Council, WASC review, student assemblies, facility maintenance, etc. are covered with three staff members who assist Mrs. Wright.

2013 - 2014 Administrative Team
Mrs. Jacque Wright- Principal
Mrs. Stacia Masterson
Mrs. Nicole Lee

School Advisory Council
The School Advisory Council (SAC) includes Fr. Bob Léger, Mrs. Wright, staff, and parents. The Council acts in an advisory role and provides recommendations regarding long-term planning for the school with respect to the school's financial stability, facilities, development, technology, curriculum, and program.

2013-2014 School Advisory Council Members

Mrs. Shilpa Bhat
Mr. Chris Bhirdo
Mrs. Anne Crowley (ex-officio)
Ms. Carla Dagnone (ex-officio)
Mr. Chris Figone
Mr. Mike Kobetsky
Mrs. Nicole Lee
Fr. Bob Leger (ex-officio)
Mrs. Erica Lovett (Chair)
Mr. Ken Spalasso
Mrs. Jacque Wright (ex-officio)

Have a suggestion? Want your voice heard? Drop a note in the suggestion box found in the school or email the SAC at sac@resparish.org.

Finance Committee
The role of the finance committee is to assist Mrs. Wright with the school budget setting process, the long-term planning process, and the tuition setting process. This committee includes parents, staff members and Mrs. Wright.

2013-2014 Finance Committee Members
Mr. Dave Anderson
Mrs. Mary Beth Baust
Mr. Chris Bhirdo - Chair
Mr. David Bruce - Mission Support Services
Mrs. Anne Crowley
Fr. Bob Leger
Mrs. Peggy Su Lukpat
Mr. Tim Morrisroe
Mrs. Jacque Wright

Parent Teacher Group
The most widely known group is the Parent Teacher Group (PTG). This committee of parents, staff members and Mrs. Wright work together on fundraising for the school, fostering a strong community via social events, and to promote parent education.

2013 - 2014 PTG Board

Mrs. Julie Petermann President
Mrs. Heidi Hisey Co-President Elect
Mrs. Laura Fay Past President
Mrs. Peggy Su-Lukpat Treasurer
Aubyn Redmond Secretary/Communications
Deanna Angelo Fundraising Chair
Mrs. Stacia Masterson PTG Teacher Representative
Mrs. Jacque Wright Principal

Technology Committee
The Technology committee has been the driving force to integrate the latest technology into the classrooms. This committee meets monthly to help Mrs. Wright establish priorities, and evaluate products for the school curriculum needs.

2013 - 2014 Technology Committee
Mr. John Arthur
Mr. Jed deTorres
Mr. Chris Figone
Mrs. Nicole Lee
Mr. Curtis McKee
Mr. Drew Perkins
Mr. Raymond Petty
Mrs. Mai Tran
Mr. Joe Verceles
Mrs. Jacque Wright


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