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Our Mission

Our Mission
Resurrection School seeks to develop each student's lifelong moral and intellectual foundation by nurturing every child's unique potential, spiritually and academically, in a Christ-centered, peace-filled, and family-involved environment.

Our Philosophy
Resurrection School is a Roman Catholic elementary school in Sunnyvale, California. The foundation of our school philosophy is the Good News proclaimed by Jesus Christ in the Scripture and the teaching of the Church. We believe that each student is graced by God with certain gifts and talents and our role, as a school, is to help students realize the potential God has given them.

Resurrection is the beginning of a peace-filled life-long learning process. As such, we promote a love of learning among our students that will serve them throughout their lives. We recognize that students learn in different ways and that our teaching must reflect and adapt to these individual variations.

We provide our students with a values-based educational experience. We do this in close cooperation with parents who have the primary responsibility for the education of their children.

We recognize and value the growing socio-economic, racial, ethnic and religious diversity that characterizes the Silicon valley. We prepare our students to enter into this reality by promoting a spirit of tolerance, peace and Christian charity towards our neighbor.

We teach our students that a Catholic education is about more than academic achievement. Rather, Resurrection is about educating the whole person. This is the person loved by God and called to make a difference in our world.



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