Student in classroom - Resurrection School - Sunnyvale


Ms. Alexandra Gledhill

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

This is my first-year teaching at Resurrection and it’s hard to express how thankful I am to be here! This is my second-year teaching, but I have had lots of experience working with younger students thanks to my student teaching and experience as a substitute teacher. My mother was a Kindergarten teacher and my aunt was a 1st grade teacher, so the profession runs in the family!

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, moving away briefly to attend college at California State University, Chico. After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree, I returned to the Bay Area to enroll with CalStateTEACH to get my teaching credential. Last year I taught 2nd grade in Santa Cruz. My new commute has taken some getting used to, but seeing my student’s faces in the morning makes it so worth it!

When I’m not in the classroom, I love going to San Francisco Giants and San Jose Sharks games. I enjoy going out and playing soccer and softball, reading, and spending time with my friends and family. I also love to travel, and I have been very fortunate to have been to Japan, the UK, and Italy. Later this year I get to visit Washington D.C. and I’m very excited to explore our nation’s capital.

My favorite thing about being a teacher is getting to see students actively learn and grow in the classroom. From their excitement about knowing an answer to that “Ah-ha!” moment when they understand something new, watching them discover more about our world and God is a truly special experience.

Catherine Hicks - Resurrection School - Sunnyvale